It is with great honor and the utmost humility that I serve as the 2016 Chair of the Judicial Section of the Gate City Bar Association.

The advent of the Judicial Section of the Gate City Bar Association began in 2005 under the leadership of Justice Robert Benham of the Georgia Supreme Court.  The purpose of the Judicial Section is to assist Georgia judges in the performance of their responsibilities; to foster relations between the bench and members of the Bar; and to provide public awareness of the duties and obligations of jurists in our state.  Since 2005, the Judicial Section has established ties with organizations, constituencies, and the community at large in an effort to increase public trust and confidence in the judicial system.

This year, the Judicial Section’s theme is “Excellence through Service”. In our pursuit of excellence, we will disrupt the pathway to prison by reigniting the reading program at D.H. Stanton Elementary School in collaboration with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. We will continue to invest in the future of our profession and strive to surpass the $41,000 in scholarships and internships as awarded in 2015, under the leadership of Immediate Past Chair, the Honorable Carol Walker Russell. In collaboration with the Executive Board of Gate City, we will work to foster attorney/judge mentoring programs for those attorneys that aspire to serve as jurists.  In an effort to keep our members informed as to current trends and our ethical obligations, we will continue our Continuing Judicial Education seminars.  We will strengthen our personal bonds through social activities that help us “Get off the Bench.”  Finally, through new and existing programming, our work with the faith community, our schools, businesses as well as non-profit community, and other civic leaders will continue.

The Judicial Section has a profound legacy and a tradition of service which have been impactful in both our profession and the communities where we faithfully serve as jurists. As a group of committed servant leaders, we will continue the legacy and mission. As elected officials and leaders in our communities, it is incumbent that we acknowledge, recognize and remember that our community has vested its trust in us to promote equality, fairness and justice. To that end, the importance of service beyond our respective chambers and courtrooms is on the minds of our membership.  We will continue to answer the call to serve.  That is our tradition, our legacy, and our charge, Excellence through Service!


The general purpose of our organization is to assist Georgia judges in the performance of their responsibilities and to foster positive relations between the bench and the bar.


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